Our Services

Unmanageable tasks, black carpet of dirt, dog hair?
We have the solution for you: steam cleaning!

By applying the revolutionary steam technique, either dry or wet or can be loaded with product and using only high quality products, DryEco-Lavage offers a professional on-site cleaning service for vehicles, motorcycles, boats, leather and fabrics, sofas and carpets at unbeatable prices.

Thanks to the strength of the steam, we can thoroughly wash, clean, quickly remove stains and halos, remove germs and moisture, degrease windows and doors, disinfect, deodorize and renovate all surfaces. using a very small amount of water. Thanks to the heat, the steam detaches and dissolves the dirt, releasing and retaining in its path all the particles that compose it: fat, germs, bacteria and mites. For the bodywork, the use of steam can achieve great savings in water, moreover, the action of steam removes dirt from the pores of the paint of the body, which is not the case traditional cleaning. This technique is an ecological and economical process that respects environmental standards.

DryEco-Lavage offers its services in Switzerland (all the canton of Geneva, all the canton of Vaud) and in France (all the Country of Gex), near the professionals and the private individuals. Our team travels directly to your home or place of business on a simple call.